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Accounts Receivable

Our expert medical billers strongly believe that accuracy in claim submission and minimizing time spent on payment retrieval are key factors in optimizing revenue collections. Our main goal is to help our clients improve their cash flow by reducing the number of days in accounts receivable and increasing their collections ratio.

To achieve this, our medical billers start by identifying the most effective payer and category combinations for each client. They prioritize claims based on their value and date of service and organize the accounts receivable timeline wise (accounts receivable days between 30 to 45 days, between 45 to 60 days, and beyond 60 days), working on the most critical claims first.

Our experienced medical billers are skilled at identifying patient accounts that require follow up and take necessary actions to collect unpaid and partially paid claims. They regularly run reports on accounts that are 21 days past due and call insurance companies to check claim status, re file, or gather additional information. They maintain a goal of keeping the average age of accounts receivable at 25 days or less.

We understand that for many healthcare providers, revenues are often stuck due to a lack of priority given to Insurance Follow up. There is often a significant amount of money waiting to be collected, but the follow up process can be tedious and time consuming. To address this, our medical billers have developed efficient methods of maneuvering through IVRs to minimize hold times, and some of them have even established excellent relationships with insurance companies, so they don’t need to pick up the phone to follow up. They are experts at what they do, and they know how to maximize your revenue collections.

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