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Claims Submission

Secure MSO may help you outsource your revenue cycle management, which includes claim submission, to improve your clean claim rate, maximize your revenue, and increase cash flow.

Medical billing HIPAA compliance requirements must be followed to submit a clean claim. When the claims have been submitted, Secure MSO will send them to the insurance provider.

Claim submission in medical billing is an essential and challenging process. Many problems, including lower reimbursement, claim denials, and loss of revenue can be brought on by improper operations.

Claims Denial Fixing

The 20% to 30% practices have an excess of denials, which must be properly handled if you want to achieve financial success. Secure MSO’s medical billers are professionals in denial management analysis. This helps in initially fixing denial claims and maximizing revenue. However, if you do have old denial claims, let our medical billing and coding staff manage them so they are get paid.

Claim Rejection Fixing

According to the standards established by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Claims rejections are insurance claims that fail to meet to specific data requirements or essential formatting. Rejections can significantly impact the financial health of medical practices, leading to lost revenue. In fact, it’s estimated that a lack of denial management processes results in a 10% revenue loss for physicians.

Secure MSO’s Medical Billers are experts in claim rejection fixing. This means they can help prevent rejections and revenue losses from occurring in the first place. And if you have outstanding denials, our Medical Billers and Coders can handle them and help ensure you get paid.

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