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Primary & Secondary Aging

Secure MSO brings expertise, technology, and efficiency to the complex processes of Primary and secondary Aging. The primary insurance policy is the one to which claims will be billed first. The claim will be processed according to the patient’s insurance plan with the primary insurance, and payments will be made according to their benefits. Then, the claim will be sent to the secondary insurance company. If the patient’s benefits with the secondary insurance company allow, additional payment may be made by the secondary insurance company.

Secondary Claims Submission

Secondary Claims Submission is exactly as the name suggests: the process of claiming the medical bill to the second policy or payer once the primary claim has been processed and the reimbursement posted. Of course, in actuality, it’s not so simple. You must determine which policy is the primary and which is secondary, and understand the different kinds of coverage, when to use each, and how to file a secondary claim. Plus, this doesn’t include possibly explaining all of this to a patient. Well, take a breath. We’re going to sort it all out, simplify secondary claim processing, and will do it for you just how easy it can be with Secure MSO.

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