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Appeal Filling and Payment Disputes

Secure MSO brings expertise, technology, and efficiency to the complex processes of appeal filing and payment dispute resolution in medical billing. By partnering with Secure MSO, healthcare providers can enhance their ability to address disputes effectively, optimize reimbursement, and maintain compliance with healthcare regulations. This, in turn, benefits both providers and patients by ensuring fair and accurate medical billing practices.

Appeal Filing: We can ensure that appeals are filed accurately, including all necessary documentation and compliance with payer requirements, reducing the likelihood of appeals being rejected on technical grounds.

Payment Disputes: We can provide guidance on medical billing practices, coding accuracy, and compliance with payer guidelines to minimize the occurrence of payment disputes. We help healthcare providers submit clean claims, reducing the chances of disputes arising due to medical billing errors.

Lost Revenue Tracking

Revenue leakage is an alarming problem that impacts all hospitals and healthcare systems’ financial stability and operational efficiency. With escalating costs and limited resources, every institution can only afford revenue leakage, regardless of size. Unfortunately, hospitals are estimated to lose tens of billions of dollars annually due to uncollected or delayed payments.

Integrate with Secure MSO to automatically track payer underpayments, analyze them, and appeal on time to increase revenue recovery.

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