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Physician Credentialing

Our team of experienced Medical Billers and Coders are well equipped to help physicians connect with new networks and payers and can even expedite the process of credentialing with government agencies. Our Medical Billers have vast knowledge of the credentialing process and can connect with the right party contacts to secure the best credentialing offers for your practice. They also have a deep understanding of the market offerings of different payers and will work hard to negotiate the best rates for your practice.

Our Medical Billers can provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your payer contracts and renegotiate them on an annual basis. This is particularly important since it can lead to significant revenue increases for your practice. Our experienced team is committed to helping you collect and keep as much revenue as possible.

Our Medical Billers are also expert in renewing without any negotiations automatically for Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants. They can ensure that your new staff members are credentialed in a timely manner, which will help you avoid revenue loss.

Medicare enrollment is a complex process that can be time consuming and costly. Our Medical Billers are familiar with the steps required to enroll physicians in the Medicare program and can make the process easier for you.

Finally, our Medical Billers understand that appealing claims can be both time consuming and expensive. They will carefully evaluate each claim to determine whether an appeal is necessary, as many practices lose a significant amount of income every year due to their failure to appeal denied claims.

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